Fun Things to do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam might seem so permissive that all you might forget to have some fun while you’re smack in the middle of it. It’s actually the home to the fun. For the adrenalin junkies looking for a thrill, well this article has you covered. 

Climb the Westertoren

Have you seen that pretty tall tower in central Amsterdam? It stands at 40 meters and dates back to 1683. It has the crown of the Hapsburg emperor on top while the bottom hosts the cemetery to Rembrandt and others in the church. The only kicker is that it’s only open in the summer so plan your visit around that.


The gate charge is about 7.50 euros, and only six people can go up every hour. Show up early in the morning to go up earlier and have your exercise for the day locked. 

Go bungee jumping

Nothing speaks adrenalin rush like bungee jumping. The NDSM hotel brought some bungee action close to the city. Go to the Faralda Crane Hotel and you have the opportunity to jump over the IJ. 

Remember the old fashioned bungee jump where you go head first? They have made it possible for you to go feet first in a swinging motion. You have 30 minutes to admire the view at 50 meters over the IJ then down you go. 

Visit Studio Irma 

The future is so unpredictable but the Moco Museum has made it possible for people to ‘Reflect Forward’ and see what the future is like at Studio Irma. It’s such an exciting experience to see different art designs that display the future. The Matrix, Kaleidoscope, Dots & the Universe, and We All Live in Bubbles. It’s so common to reflect back in time that seeing a reflection of the future is totally thrilling. 

Go for a gondola ride through Amsterdam canals

Venice is famous for its gondola rides but I promise you Amsterdam is the ‘Vernice of the North.’ Honestly, it even has more canals. You can rent out your own gondolier or do it in a group. Enjoy a bottle of Champagne or prosecco in the process and have fun cruising through the canals. 

Go for a concert at Concertgebouw

You can’t afford to leave Amsterdam without experiencing the best acoustics in the world. They have some free lunchtime concerts so you can pop to enjoy music. They also have Robeco Summer nights that run through the month of August. You can schedule your travel around that. 


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